Why Green?

Eco-friendly: Buy only what you need; no waste!

With barrel truck: you might be short and pay for another load, or you might have “extra” (that you MUST put somewhere!)

A conventional barrel truck is also required to make separate trips back to the yard for each delivery (e.g. deliveries to 3 locations requires 3 separate round-trips from the yard; while E-Z Pour trucks can make deliveries to multiple locations all on the same trip–We are able to burn much less fuel, in keeping with E-Z Pour’s environmentally friendly philosophy. Another side benefit to doing it this way, is you are always assured of getting the freshest possible mix.

Why doesn’t everybody use “on-site” trucks?: They’re not easy to use and they require additional training and experience for the driver/operator as compared to conventional barrel trucks.

Why are we green? It isn’t just Jack. All of us here at E-Z Pour are in this for the long haul. Yes, we care about the planet––but it also just makes good sense: With our on-site trucks we are able to operate more efficiently, reduce waste, keep costs down, and deliver a better product. Why wouldn’t we be green?