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The process of entrainment was discovered prior to World War II and remains to this day one of the greatest technical advances in concrete’s history. Now recommended for nearly all applications, the principal benefit is to strengthen concrete against internal pressures by providing a place for the freezing water to go as it expands into ice.

E-Z Pour trucks are set-up to deliver our proprietary air-entrainment technique, ensuring consistent, high-strength mix.

*Read more about our concrete cart, or call for details: (970) 566-4691 – Above, we’re adding fill (sand and gravel) before pouring the concrete.

Key: 1. Water; 2. Rock; 3. Sand; 4. Cement; 5. Air Entrainment; 6. Concrete Cart; 7. Auger



Why doesn’t everybody use “on-site” trucks? Well, in short, they are not as easy to operate as conventional, barrel trucks. Mistakes can be very costly.

For larger companies, training drivers for a fleet of on-site trucks may be cost-prohibitive. In these situations, it often makes sense to continue with barrel trucks which must pre-mix all the concrete before the driver leaves the yard (not optimum).

Concrete from “On-Site” trucks is only as good as the person operating the equipment. At E-Z Pour, our track record speaks for itself: We have the knowledge and experience to realize the advantages and potentials intrinsic in on-site mixers. With E-Z Pour, expect the best. We guarantee it.