What makes our concrete strong? We utilize a proprietary mix, blended to your specific needs and make it fresh, on-site, and so minimize the conventional delays in getting it to your form. Moving around concrete once it has started to cure is not only more difficult, but results in a loss of strength.

In the more than ten years we’ve been providing concrete to northern Colorado, we have been tested more than 50 times for strength–and have never failed a single test (In fact, our concrete often exceeds specified strength by a substantial margin). These strength tests are performed to confirm the delivered concrete complies with an engineers specifications for a particular project, and are typically ordered by the Project Manager, or Managing Contractor. As it happens–most were performed by the Fort Collins office of a nationwide group of engineers and scientists. When it was time for these same engineers to build an addition to their Fort Collins facility, they asked us to provide the concrete. High praise, indeed.