Exceeding Expectations

During our first years of business, we were viewed with skepticism by more than a few builders who either weren’t familiar with on-site mixing, or had suffered past experiences with on-site mixers due to improper mixing or operation. During these first few years, our concrete underwent repeated industry standardized testing and evaluation. Much, if not most, of this testing was performed by the local office of a nationwide consultant group of engineers and scientists. We never failed a single test. Moreover, when the time came for these same engineers to build on to their existing facility here in Fort Collins, they asked us to provide the concrete; high praise, indeed.

These are just three examples from the stack of reports sitting in our file cabinet. There isn’t room to show you everything here, but at E-Z Pour, we’ve never failed a test. Our concrete consistently and regularly exceeds the requirements. You can be assured of getting the best possible mix for your project–because if it isn’t, we’ll replace it FREE. We know our quality and we stand by our work. You won’t find a better guarantee or a better mix than E-Z Pour Ready Mix.